Mercury Mariner

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June 7, 2021

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Mercury Mariner

Mercury Mariner.

As many already know, the Mercury Mariner is the full equivalent of the Ford Escape, Ford Maverick, Mazda Tribute, differing only in design. I took the car two thousand and eight years ago, it was brought from Canada, I am the 2nd owner in St. Petersburg. The torment of choice lasted a long time, but when I took the car, I realized that I was right. And so what I got as a result. I took the car on a hunch, because the words of the salesman that there are all the “consumables” changed not so long ago, ignored and changed the oil, oil filter, fuel filter, cabin (it generally was not) put. Also changed the acoustics, stereo, installed a subwoofer and amplifier. Did not come out of the budget, but it sounds. I got the car at the end of April, and at the end of June I drove it to the resorts of Krasnodar Krai.

On the highway there and back Mercury Mariner showed only the best side, “shoals” the car did not present. Naturally, I would like more sound insulation of the cabin, maybe later I will, but in principle, at cruising speeds of 100-110 Mercury Mariner does not bother, then it is already terrible. V6 engine pulls three hundred “horses” quietly and confidently. On arrival from the south, I decided to change the oil in the automatic by way of refill, I did two cycles with a difference of a week, the change in the automatic is noticeable, all goes even smoother and softer, also changed the fluid in the “transfer. All water is available and cheap. In about 2 thousandths the oil in the engine is going to be changed again. I am satisfied with the car, because I don’t have any problems with it, Mercury Mariner is not very CONSCIAMENTE from Italian to English common and it attracts attention and intrigued looks of other people. I think maybe get another one of these for the wife.

Pros: High ground clearance. All-wheel drive. Capacity. Appearance.

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