Hublot VS Breitling: Which brand is best for you?

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September 28, 2021

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Hublot VS Breitling: Which brand is best for you?

Hublot is in position #40 of the top 50* Swiss brands making Hublot the 14th most recognizable Swiss watch brand in the world. Many attribute Hublot’s success to their marketing team who recruited a small army of brand ambassadors which include all sorts of world-class celebrities from Hollywood stars, and supermodels to artists, athletes, and even sports teams.
Breitling is in position #41 of the same top 50* Swiss brands making Breitling the 15th most recognizable Swiss watch brand in the world.

Both brands have done things which took impressive craftsmanship. The Hublot La Ferrari is a great example of what a determined watchmaker can do when feeling creative and motivated.
For Hublot, this is the exception to the rule since it is usually not the way they go about making their watches. While there are quite a few Hublot tag heuer replica that have in-house manufacture movements, there are many more that don’t.
Most of their watches over the years used ébauche movements or off-the-shelf ETA movements which for the price that they are charging seems steep regardless of what exotic and innovative materials they use.
Many would even go as far as to say that you can get the same value from many other brands like Tudor for example which has watches that use in-house movements or even comparable brands that use ETA calibers minus all the marketing hype, brand ambassadors and celebrity endorsements that Hublot has. On the other hand, you will have to forego that unique look of a Hublot watch, if that’s something that you are in to.
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However, while this does sound like harsh criticism Hublot does have its plus side. They create watches using materials that most watchmakers never thought of using. Their metallurgists have concocted a few new and unique types of gold including King Gold (a proprietary color of gold which is even redder than traditional 18kt gold 5N) and Magic Gold which is a fusion of Ceramic and Liquid Gold.
As Sébastien Recalcati, Hublot’s materials science engineer once said: “If you want something unique and different you have to create it yourself.” Below is a photo of a Hublot watch that uses Magic Gold, a highly scratch-resistant material that fuses the luster of gold with the benefits and hardness of ceramic.

Most watch enthusiasts don’t associate Hublot or Breitling for that matter with high horology, also known in its original French as Haute Horlogerie. This is where you’ll find high complication watches such as minute repeaters, perpetual calendars, and tourbillon complications, etc. Most watch collectors would hear about high complications and think of higher market brands such as Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, or Breguet.
However, the truth is that both brands have created watches that would be considered based on their complications, high horology watches. Watches with tourbillon complications would be a great example of how Breitling or Hublot have earned their stripes in this prestigious area of watchmaking.
Both brands manufacture durable watches when compared to low-end watches, but how does a Hublot measure up against a Breitling; a brand of watches known for their tank-like build quality? While most would expect a brand as pricey as Hublot to measure up, many feel a difference when they inspect the durability and build of their new Hublot watch and compare it against a Breitling.

Both brands have a bit of history, but Breitling has a significantly older one; older by nearly a century. Breitling started their watchmaking in 1884 whereas Hublot only began their business in 1976 when Carlo Crocco went to Switzerland to create his first Swiss watch which would be the very first luxury timepiece with a rubber strap. Breitling has nearly a hundred years more experience in the watch business and has built a very established brand over their many years in business.
Resale Value
Neither Breitling nor Hublot has the best resale value in the business when comparing then to upper market brands like Rolex or Patek Philippe, but between Breitling and Hublot, if you asked which has a better average resale value, the answer is usually leaning towards Breitling, in most cases.
Of course, certain models will always fetch more than others and many variables go into the valuation of a pre-owned watch. Things such as the condition it’s in, what model it is, the year of production, if it comes with the original packaging stickers and hangtags that came with it, whether it includes the original documents or not (especially the warranty card), whether or not it is still under warranty and many other factors which include supply and demand.

Some people use the term “investing in a luxury watch” loosely. This statement seems quite senseless since just like most products, a luxury watch loses some of its value once it’s used or even worn once. The same thing happens when driving a new car off the lot.
A luxury watch should not be looked at the same way you look at an actual investment such as bonds or even real estate which more often than not appreciate in value. The nature of luxury watches in most cases is the very opposite. However, there are cases when a luxury fake watch will be worth more than its original price but these are too far and in between to seriously considered any luxury watch as an investment with financial benefits.

Prices go up and down all the time but usually not by that much. In terms of entry-level Hublot watches, the cheapest Hublot watch is a ladies’ model of the Classic Fusion Quartz 33mm on a rubber strap. They have an MSRP that starts at about $5,200.
The most affordable Hublot watch for men is the 38mm Hublot Classic Fusion 38mm which starts at an MSRP of about $6200.
The cheapest Breitling watch Is the men’s Colt Skyracer, a 45mm model that has an MSRP of $2000.
The most affordable Breitling watch for women is the Breitling Colt Lady 36mm which has an MSRP of about $2765.
Water Resistance
Both brands have some watches with great water resistance. Hublot has the King Power Oceanographic 4000, for example, that has 4,000m or 13,120ft of water resistance which is enough water resistance for some seriously adventurous diving. It comes at a price point of over $30,000.
Breitling has the Avenger II Seawolf series which has watches that are water-resistant up to 3,000 meters or 10,000 feet and start at a price point of under $4,000.

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