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October 21, 2021
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October 21, 2021



The Victorian Government says it will become harder for people accused of serious crimes to be released on bail as part of a shake-up of the system following Melbourne

Key points:

There will be a presumption against bail for a range of violent and sexual offences The role of volunteer bail justices will be limited After-hours magistrates

Attorney-General Martin Pakula said the Government would increase the number of offenses which had a presumption against bail – toughening the requirements to satisfy a court to grant bail.

Mr Pakula said offenses such as aggravated home invasion and carjacking would be treated the same as murder or terrorism for the purposes of bail, unless there were exceptional circumstances.

There is always a balance between community safety and presumption of innocence in bail decisions, he said.

What this report ensures is that community safety will be given a higher priority than ever before in our state.

[This] will mean we will have the most onerous bail conditions in the country.

Those who commit serious offenses while on bail, summons or parole will not be granted bail again unless they can prove exceptional circumstances.

The changes follow a review of the bail system by Supreme Court Justice Paul Coghlan.

Mr Pakula said the Government would also limit the role of volunteer bail justices, and establish a new bail and remand court.

After-hours magistrates

More people will be locked up, Government says.

Dimitrious Gargasoulas was granted bail by an out-of-sessions bail justice just days before he allegedly drove his car along Melbourne

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